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The farm also dedicates itself to the breeding of cows and the cultivation of durum wheat and other cereals.  It is situated in the surrounding area of Missanello, in the province of Potenza, a small village in the region of Basilicata.  At an altitude of 650 m it is rich with olive groves.  The typical variety of the area is the Maiatica olive which has a good, strong cultivation and can be found in several of the central southern regions.  It has a high level of production and is highly valued for the preparation of dried black olives.   The olives are picked between November and December.  The fructose in the fruit gives the oil a particular light to mild sweet bitter taste with a hint of pepperiness. 


This vintage extra virgin olive oil is produced in Mario Giuseppe Claps’s olive mill in via Sinisgalli and obtained by cold pressing using latest generation machinery.  It is a new generation oil from the hills of Missanello offering the Maiatica olive variety which has a particular sweet taste thanks to its fructose content.

Our products are all certified organic.

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